Spider ILD02 EFI



Extreme slopes, dangerous terrain, fine park grass, large lawns – the ILD02 can handle all of this with ease.

The patented 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer system together with unique mulching system ensures a perfect cut every time. If you’re looking for a professional mower for challenging terrain, you have just found it.


SPIDER ILD02 EFI mowers are powered by the latest generation of Kawasaki engines with electronically controlled direct fuel injection technology.

Engine characteristics:

  • sequential multi-point fuel injection
  • high pressure fuel injection technology with electronic fuel pump
  • integrated electronic throttle control
  • electronically controlled ignition timing
  • high performance lubrication system


SPIDER ILD02 EFI can be as productive as up to 15 brush cutters or 1 tractor with boom while keeping operating costs much lower.

Due to the absence of physically demanding work the daily productivity is much higher compared to the manually operated machines as no compulsory work breaks are needed.


The unique mowing device is based on a high-quality mulching system. Grass is cut into very small pieces and evenly spread to the grass roots, serving as a valuable source of nutrients for further growth.

The SPIDER ILD02 is equipped with a four-blade mowing mechanism that ensures perfect mowing and precise mulching. The blades are made of special alloys that guarantee strength and sufficient flexibility in case of accidental impact on a fixed obstacle.

In addition to classic blades, we also offer curved blades, which you will appreciate especially during frequent mowing of parks and gardens.


The SPIDER ILD02 EFI can be used both for intensive mowing of short  grass, as well as for rough and dangerous terrain and the steepest slopes. With one machine you can cut all the surfaces on your rota with ease.

During winter months you may also appreciate the Spider snow plough, which can easily remove snow up to 30cm deep.


You’ll struggle to find a safer mower in the UK market today. The remote control allows the operator to stay away from the working area of the mower, away from noise, fumes and vibrations. Safety can be further enhanced by using the hydraulic winch, which stabilises the machine on extreme slopes. SPIDER ILD02 EFI works safely in the toughest conditions.

Spider mowers are also specially designed to reduce the risk of thrown objects, improving safety for any people, buildings or belongings in the vicinity of the mower.


The remote control provides comfort, safety and precise control from up to 100m away.

Following functions can be controlled remotely:

  • starting and stopping the engine
  • setting the speed mode (turtle/rabbit)
  • turning on and off the mowing device
  • adjusting the cutting height
  • changing the speed and direction
  • wheel rotation (360°)
  • skid steering
  • activation of stabilizing winch
  • emergency shutdown of the entire system


The patented ‘Dance Step’ drive system together with constant 4-wheel drive ensure fantastic manoeuvrability on all terrains, great climbing ability and gentle treatment of grass even in wet or soft terrain.

Spider mowers are also equipped with skid steering. The steering system enables the zero-turn rotation of the mower around its vertical axis and significantly simplifies manipulation, especially in tight spaces or on turns.


To transport a Spider ILD02 EFI mower we can offer a special trailer containing integrated pull-out ramps and a safety system securing the mower from any movement. It can be easily and quickly transported in a wide range of vans and alternative trailers too.

Spider ILD02

Spider ILD02: Specifications

 Drive Unit
Engine Type

Kawasaki FS730V-EFI

Performance 25.5hp – 19 kW
Displacement 726 ccm
Ignition Electronic
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 Litres
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
 Drive System
Gear Hydrostatic
Oil Tank 9 Litres
Speed  0-8 kmh
Steering  360 degrees, 4-wheels
Wheels 16 x 6.50″
 Cutting System
Cutting Width 123cm
Cutting Height 9-14cm / 7-12cm
Clutch Electromagnetic
 Performance & Consumption
Performance up to 7000 m2/h
Fuel Consumption 3.5-5.5 Litres per hour
Climbing Ability 41 degrees – 55 degrees with hydraulic winch
Overall Length x Width 164cm x 143cm
Overall Height 92cm
Dry Weight 387kg / 853lbs

Spider ILD02 EFI Accessories

  • Low Height of Cut Range Kit
  • Bespoke Spider Trailer
  • Snowblade
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